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Digitization is the Wave of the Present

Convert paper into digital, searchable files

To have a paperless office is both environmentally friendly and efficient. Too many paper documents in your office are the leading cause of operational hang-ups. Large quantities of physical documents are expensive to maintain, vulnerable to deterioration, theft risks, and cause a storage problem.

Business is trending toward digitization and document management by digitizing several business processes.

Accounts payable

Replace your manual paper process for accounts payable by using document management systems that resolve the issues of lost invoices, missing spreadsheets, and manually entering invoices into databases. Digitalization A/P is scanning papers into your computer, and digital management software records all the data you need.


New employees go through a ton of paperwork like direct deposit slips, health insurance, tax forms, and training manuals. Keeping track of all this paperwork can cause headaches for the HR department. Integrate digital management software into your HR management system, and important forms can be stored in a fully encrypted cloud server.

Content Management

Paper-based content management is extremely linear. Once an employee is through editing the paper it is passed to someone else for more reviews. This process can be repeated many times, depending on the type of documents. This process is a huge waste of time and money.

Client-facing organizations require the customer to fill out paper forms, and this is very inefficient. Forms are kept in rows of filing cabinets, and if the document or form is filed incorrectly, it could take an immense amount of time to retrieve it. Other businesses manually transcribe information from paper forms to the database. Manually transcribing forms is time-consuming and inefficient.

Digital management software (“DMS”) makes data entry and record-keeping efficient. Using advanced optical character recognizing technology DMS processes the scanned information, indexes and stores it in an electronic database. Documents can be retrieved in seconds.

DLT Data is in the business of helping companies find a way to manage a paperless office. Turn your office into an efficient entity that can retrieve documents in seconds and keep paper management at a minimum.

Your office has probably been subjected to audits. Audit preparation can be extremely complex as auditors require access to your records to ensure your company is compliant with regulations. Records may include payroll, business contracts, financial statements and much more. If you have an office teeming with paper and your company is disorganized and unable to provide requisite information quickly, you run the risk of being considered as noncompliant.

Using DMS turns your records into searchable PDFs. DMS enables you to retrieve, with a few clicks on your keyboard, documents and forms and relieves employees from sifting through file cabinets of paper. The right software can even provide audit trail features to give auditors the full transparency they desire.

Replace your manual paper processes by taking advantage of flexible capture, seamless integration, and central repository and simple search applications. We help your company reduce the need for manual data entry, remove multiple steps from document management, and provide businesses with efficiency and save them time and money.

Learn more about our solutions or obtain a no obligation free customised quote at

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